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Sunset Valley - Goldbank 78 Stack
1. G.B. 78 S.
2. Grubby Cartoon Hands
3. Pull the Trig
4. Candy Stairs [MP3]
5. Blow Up
6. Moss
7. Mr. Extreme Jeans [MP3]
8. Ancient Mome
9. I'm A Bull [MP3]
10. Deadhorse Waterloo
11. Pet Your Head [MP3]
12. Gaze My Shoes

Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley
Goldbank 78 Stack

Buy this CD at cdbaby.comOn Sunset Valleyıs forth full-length (and first following their Barsuk Records release, "Ice Pond"), quirky, power-pop/indie-rock outfit Sunset Valley, fronted by the charismatic Herman Jolly, return with their most energetic, lyrically-defining, melodic record to date: "Goldbank 78 Stack".

Read what journalists are already saying about this awe-inspiring band:

"The band shimmers with the radiance of a distant mirage in the wild desert air - languid with a bit of twang like the great Giant Sand while pulsing with the mildly demented playfulness of Elf Power." ­ Rockpile

"Moving on a crooked path between albums and members, Sunset Valley has, for the moment, found a perfect point. Singer and sometimes solo artist Herman Jolly, with Jonathan Drews, and Eric Furlong (also of 44 Long), have created a solid and moving album that pulls your heart and rocks your brains. Picking at tones that fly like bands from The Grifters to T. Rex to the Clash, and beyond, the songs are simple and catchy, hard-edged and happy, silly and sad and full of life. Speeding like science fiction from surreal obscure ecstasy to songs straight-up-with-a-twist and almost radio friendly, Sunset Valley hooks you like a fish, and reels you in through the coldness of the icepond world, warming you up with distorted passion, and giving you music like light." -Big Takeover

Much like Frank Blackıs uncanny ability with a lyrical twist, fusing rubbish with deep sentiments, Jolly leaves you both baffled and stunned with the turn of a phrase. "Goldbank 78 Stack" finds the power trio back in fine form, returning to the glory days of their debut, "The New Speed", playing melodic, jangle-y, fast, and fun songs that are both serious and tongue-in-cheek ­ and get you laughing, smiling, and having a great time in the process.

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