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Fernando - Enter To Exit
1. Howard Hughes
2. One Trick Pony [MP3]
3. The Reluctant Deity [MP3]
4. Another Day In My Head
5. Mariana [MP3]
6. Everybody Knows
7. The Change In Us
8. From Now On
9. The Devil's In The Sky
10. Pasajeros
11. My Magnetic Field
12. Waiting

Fernando - Enter to Exit

Enter To Exit

Buy this CD at "Enter To Exit" is the latest from Portland, Oregon-based pop songsmith Fernando Viciconte and his band - Portland stalwarts Jeff "Chet" Lyster and Derek Brown (both of The Eels), Paul Brainard (Richmond Fontaine), Qwee, and Lewi Longmire (a journeyman in the NW's roots -rock and country scene).

Coupling gorgeous melodies and lush vocals with haunting lyricism, Fernando's "Enter To Exit" is another dose of Fernando's dark, haunting world wrapped in a pretty, sparkling package.

From the bouncy "The Reluctant Deity" to the somber piano-led "Mariana" and through the acoustic "The Change In Us", Fernando's melodies are always spot-on, as is his voice, while his lyrics paint a different picture, one of sadness, sorrow, and demons.

This is Fernando at his best, mixing the melancholy of 2001's "Dreams of the Sun and Sky" with more realized pop arrangements, ensuring that you sing along - even when times are dark.

"The instrumentation is both varied and subdued... Over the core of guitars, keyboards and a rhythm section, there are sympathetically arranged flourishes of trumpet, string trio, lap steel and other tonally vibrant sounds. Fernando's singing is rich and expressive, equally capable of giving confident focus to a moody ballad or to a propulsive little rocker..." - Pulse! Magazine (October 2001)

"Fernando Viciconte may not be a household name, but the Portland, Oregon singer has the dynamic persona of a certified rock star... its Viciconte's somber vocal melodies that steal the show." - CMJ New Music Report Issue: 731 - Sep 10, 2001

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Also, check out Fernando's friend and keyboard player (all around NW multi-instrumentalist, too) Lewi Longmire at his his official website or his MySpace page.

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What they are saying about "Enter To Exit"

Fernando was named by Magnet Magazine as one of the ten "Best New Artist's of 2006".

" Enter to Exit spins like an especially fine George Harrison record from the late 70's... Long a musicians' and critics' favorite, Viciconte deserves a wider audience, and Enter to Exit is a fine introduction for the uninitiated" - Magnet Magazine (issue 93)

"Portland is home to one of the most intriguing sounds of the past 20 years of new rock... Upon first listen to Enter to Exit, the brilliant new album from Portland songwriter Fernando Viciconte, you may feel you've uncovered some super secret studio session between Elliott Smith and Jon Brion." - Billboard

"New artist you need to know... (Fernando's) just released the incredibly accomplished can't-get-the-songs-out-of-your-head Beatles-esque pop album, Enter to Exit." - MSNBC

"Uterrly beautiful and convincing." - No Depression

"...Enter to Exit nails it, smoothly alternating between infectiously bouncy pop and wretchedly depressing, country-inflected rock. Supporting every song is a solid base of classic rock... The result hooks into you with an aggressive urgency that's hard to ignore, and a familiarity so profound it seems almost like Fernando isn't just playing music ­ he's uncovering something that's already in you." - Paste Magazine

"Every so often an album catches you by surprise. For summer 2006, I think that album is Fernando's Enter to Exit. Great songs, start to finish. Fronted by Portland singer/songwriter Fernando Viciconte, and featuring touring members of The Eels, the album boasts captivating melodies supporting beautifully dark lyrical contentŠ For fans of 1960s and '70s melodic pop, Enter to Exit is top notch." - Pamphlet

"Fernando Viciconte and his fellow bandmates record beautifully melodic upbeat pop that comes straight from the heart... Melodies are what make Fernando's music so appealing and inviting. Instead of churning out throwaway pop, this man writes and records songs that have real substance and unique flavor. The more we hear Enter To Exit... the more impressed we are." 5/5 - Baby Sue

"Fernando writes compelling pop songs with captivating melodies and lush vocal harmonies. Bouncy and charming guitars juggle the bass and drums into rhythmic waves of clever balladsŠ (with) instrumentation which belies a roots rock intention smartly wrapped in bubble wrap of indie pop." - Smother

"Fernando Viciconte sure knows how to grab and keep the listener's attention... (his) songs are able to make the listener feel both good and bad, simultaneously and Enter To Exit proves that the death of melody has been greatly exaggerated." - Amplifier

"With the release of Enter To Exit, Fernando is set to prove to the world that he has a very unique voice, and that he can craft amazingly complex simple songs that will certainly stick in the listener's head with repeated exposure. These songs extort empathy from their listeners with a straightforward honesty in a way that most modern pop music doesn't tend to be able to achieve. And while the songs on Enter To Exit can be somewhat traced back to their cumulative roots, it is easy to see that Fernando has the same songsmithing prowess as did a young David Bowie... and he's not afraid to use it." - Hybridmusic

"Viciconte is a formidable, personal songwriter, and his confessional tone finds a perfect vessel in the band's well-timed twists, turns and key changes. The production is seamless when it needs to be and absolutely epic at other times. Fernando's album-ending "Waiting," which takes a cue from "I Shall Be Released," is one of the more gorgeously thick tracks I've heard in a long time. The tune is carried by its slightly psychedelic production and Viciconte's commanding vocals, and it holds a couple of the many chill-inducing moments on Enter to Exit, which Fernando hides like easter eggs throughout. If the rest of Fernando's back catalog is as hook-laden and charming as this pop jewel, I'm pretty much over the Posies." - The Willamette Week

"In the song 'From Now On,' Fernando claims that he is 'just a man who can smile when he lies,' which reminds me of the great P.T. Barnum who once famously put a sign above a tent flap that read 'Behold the great egress!' The rubes that didn't realize that 'egress' meant 'exit' and not some kind of exotic bird or mythical monster ended up outside the circus, having to pay a second entrance fee. I wonder if that's what Fernando meant with the title Enter to Exit. In any case, once the album ends, you end up more than willing to pay that second entrance fee". - Treblezine

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