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Bluebottle Kiss - Come Across
1. Scouthall
2. Everything Begins and Ends at Exactly the Right Time [MP3]
3. Something Tiny
4. Last Playboy in Town [MP3]
5. Slow Train To A Comfy Jail [MP3]
6. Can I Keep You?
7. So Slow
8. Sisters Head On
9. Cross Purpose
10. Crawling With Ants
11. Ministry of Fear

Come Across

Bluebottle Kiss
Come Across

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Buy this CD at cdbaby.comCome Across, Australian quartet Bluebottle Kiss' fifth full-length, and second to be released in the U.S., delivers an intense, narrative-driven, swinging affair and it has already received comparisons to such classic Australian rock albums as the Triffid's Born Sandy Devotional or Nick Cave's The Boatman's Call.

Let's face it, though, the only people that don't realize the rich musical heritage of Australia are probably Australians. The past 25 years alone have produced sounds as diverse as the cold war, Reagan-era, post-punk of Midnight Oil's 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, the rainy esoterica of The Church, the Dosteyevski meets Dickens dankness of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the post-Birthday Party bruised sea shanties of Crow, the summery drones of the Underground Lovers, the awkward Brisbane romanticism of the Go-Betweens and on and on it goes. There's always been sand and red soil between the collective toes of Antipodean music.

Then there's Bluebottle Kiss. All 3/4, 6/8, overnight Hume Highway hallucinations merged with Indian Ocean hopefulness. Convict music. Dreamed up because much of the time dreams are all you have here. Often lunging between dissonant punk-fused barrages to fragile folk and the wide screen, its noise you can smell, drink, taste, and see.

And did someone say live performances? In a country renown for its grinding live circuit, Bluebottle Kiss has performed literally hundreds and hundreds of shows with artists ranging from Silverchair to Interpol and in the process have earned the reputation for a fiercely intense live band. The will be touring the U.S. with this release.

Their fourth album, and first released in the U.S., Revenge is Slow, received many a hyperbolic reviews in Australia, the US, and Europe from such publications as Rolling Stone, the UK Independent, Alternative Press, The Face, The Australian, and many others. Expect accolades to follow the release of Come Across.

Bluebottle Kiss - Revenge Is Slow
1. Father's Hands [mp3]
2. Ounce Of Your Creulty [mp3]
3. Last Cinema
4. Hasten The Blows
5. Prussian Blue
6. Let The Termits Eat Our Riches
7. Hello Stranger
8. Hitchhiking In New Zealand
9. Peewee's Dream
10. Gangsterland [mp3]
11. Invent The Summer [mp3]
12. Love As Fiction [mp3]

Revenge Is Slow

Bluebottle Kiss
Revenge Is Slow

Buy this CD at Described by Rolling Stone (Australia) as "A storming piece of work beautifully composed", Sydney-based Bluebottle Kiss plans to invade the United States in 2003.

Brought up on a steady diet of Sonic Youth, Afghan Whigs, and Dinosaur Jr. As well as classic Australian visionaries like the Church and the Bad Seeds, Bluebottle Kiss' fourth full-length, "Revenge Is Slow" (In Music We Trust in the U.S.), finds the trio expanding to a four-piece, with bassist Ben Fletcher moving to second guitar alongside singer/songwriter Jamie Hutchings. "This opens up the sound to the point where they can be considered alongside other like-minds with an ear for a solid pop tune like Neil Finn and Sparklehorse" (Noel Mengel, The Brisbane Courier-Mail).

Their uncompromising, heady and melodic sound has earned them a four-star review Rolling Stone, garnered them a three-hour spot light on the biggest alternative rock station in Australia, Triple J, and a glowing review in Drum Media that described them as "arguably Australia's most idiosyncratic guitar band". Sharing the stages with such acts as Sebadoh, Bonnie Prince Billy, Morphine, and Silverchair (Daniel Johns referred to BBK as his favorite Australian band and an influence in his songwriting), Bluebottle Kiss has proven they can, and will, play to any audience.

Their latest, "Revenge Is Slow" is an intense, multi-layered collection of songs with enough captivating rough edges to jolt any listener out of their aural malaise. This is their most accomplished album to date.

Compared recently in the UK to Coldplay, Bluebottle Kiss can also sound a little like At The Drive-In or Sparta's darker moments. But there's plenty of light to balance the shade. The single, "An Ounce of Your Cruelty", is a radio-friendly slice of melodic pop, with a simple guitar hook and relentless drums that subtly imprint their rhythm in your head. The opening track, "Father's Hands", is a folksy, country-tinged tale of reminiscence, a feel that pops up on other parts of the album, courtesy of some nice pedal steel.

In essence, "Revenge Is Slow" is a successful hybrid of songs that move from power pop ("Last Cinema", "Hasten The Blows") to inventive, slow-building, earnest tracks that are lyrically strong and delicately embellished. Songs such as "Peewee's Dream" and "Hello Stranger" are good examples of this band's complexity, making subtle use of harp, horns, piano, viola and cello, and even operatic background vocals. (Portions of this description taken from Sandra Bridekirk's review in The Weekend Australian)

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